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The Honors Program at Washington Adventist University strives to provide academically talented students the opportunity to engage and explore subject material in greater depth and breadth, inspiring them to excel as independent learners and investigators within a collaborative learning community.

This does not necessarily mean more work for Honors students than for others, but rather a different kind of work with more individual attention from professors than in typical classes. The Honors courses are also different in design as they often explore topics from interdisciplinary perspectives through the integration of more than one area of study into a single course.


Being an Honors Student Means:

—Attending honors designated interdisciplinary courses that fulfill your General Education requirements, and are designed to be provocative, interesting and stimulating

—Access and exposure to many of WAU’s finest professors

—Participating in smaller classes ó honors courses will normally consist of 15 or fewer people, allowing the opportunity for more in-depth discussions and to make social connections with fellow honors students

—Learning through activities such as study tours, concerts, plays, and exhibits while fulfilling General Education requirements

—Conducting research and attending presentations at national institutions within the Washington, D.C., area

—Engaging in a learning environment comprised of motivated and thoughtful students

—The opportunity to develop an Honors project or thesis, thus enhancing professional opportunities or admission to graduate or professional schools

—Challenging yourself to grow as a person through leadership and service


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